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"it's the smallest of  details that create distinction"

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Nothing says hospitality like a comforting cup of Coffee.  To us, Coffee is more than an afterthought.  We believe the Coffee you serve should be as memorable as your menu.  It should leave an impression!


    The Coffees we offer have been evaluated by over 200 carefully selected "international" industry professionals.  The jury includes many Head-Sommeliers & Chefs from Michelin-stared restaurants. 


     The Bahareque Brand has been awarded Gold in 2018 and 2019 by the International Taste Institute out of Bruxelles, Belgium.  We're talking some of the best Coffee in the world. 


     Regardless of your distinction let us  help you spoil your guests with award winning Coffees and Teas. 

4th wave coffees

And why they are important to your business

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from our expert

     Fifteen years ago, coffee’s third wave—a movement to produce more nuanced coffee, heightening its craft appeal to that of beer or wine—approached and stirred hospitality’s routine.


     Discerning hoteliers shared reverence for the improved craft.  Flavorful coffee became not only a highlight but a point of distinction in their offering. 


     As 3rd and 4th-wave quality becomes the new standard, hoteliers aren't just meeting demand but are raising expectations, showing how hotel coffee can be made, and how it can be made better.


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