The most desired and most expensive of all the white teas. Fresh, earthy, fragrant and delicate with a refreshing flavor.


The Antioxidants found in this tea promote heart health and strength by lowering bad cholesterol levels and strengthing blood vessels.  Silver Needle White Tea may also aid in preventing blood clots that are responsible for heart attacks. 


Silver Needle tea has the lowest level of caffeine and the highest level of antioxidants of all the varieties, 


Comes packaged in a Collectors Edition, Reusable Glass Jar.We can cusomize the top of the jar for bulk orders.


Note: secondary image is to show the bottle only. Contents in the bottle do not reflect the tea selected.


1.5 oz contents. 22 servings. .93 per serving.  

Silver Needle Tea, Fresh, delicate, refreshing & lowest level of caffeine

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Loose Leaf Tea 1.5 oz
  • Silver Needle Tea (White Tea) China

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