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Note: this product will be harvested in August of 2019 and available in September.  Pre-Book your order to ensure delivery.  Process Honey is one of our finest!


Bahareque Honey process is a method in which coffee cherries are picked and sorted, have their skins and pulps removed like other types of coffee--but are then dried without washing off the sticky sweet outer layer of the fruit.  Since honey process beans spend less time in the water than washed beans do, less fermentation occurs, so not as much of the sugar in the bean is converted to acid. 


From the Norte del Valle our Process Honey is a medium roast with sweet and tropical notes combined with hints of honey that combine for a smooth balanced finish.

Bahareque, Process Honey, Cupping Score 91.6

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  • Balanced, Smooth & Finished describe this exquisite brew.  Excellent Coffee!  Pairs  well with bread puddings, French pasteries, waffles, scones or brunch-dishes.