Non-Sparkling, Santa Barbara Spring, PET Bottle 

(larger bottle pictured is the 1 Liter)


*An image of the Stille was not available.  However the SKU linked to this item is correct, this is the STILLE 1 Liter. 


Advantage of PET Bottle: does not let the CO2 Escape or the O2 to Penetrate.

It is more energy effecient to manufacturer a PET bottle and they are recycleable. 


6 Bottles in a Case, 1 Liter or  33.8 oz Per Unit. 


Total hardness: °f 1.1 Sodium content: 2.6 mg/l Fixed residue a 180 °C: 36 mg/l pH at sample: 6.7


A simplified bottle, keeping the elegant Champagne base,  without any loss in style.


 Stille is our natural flat water.


This water is pure and light (with a fixed residue among the lowest in Europe) of the source of Santa Barbara.


Originating  from Mount Pigna, 1460 meters above sea level, in an uncontaminated environment and away from any possible source of pollution.

Premium Stille Italian Water. 6 (1 LITER) PET Bottles/Case. $4.00 Per.

1 Liter PET Bottle
  • 1 Liter Bottle.  6 Units to a Case. 

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