This wonderful carbonated drink is made with Sfusati lemons from the Amalfi Coast of Italy.  These particular lemons have been growing there for more than 300 years. 


This versitile beverage can be served alone, as a mixed drink or made into a tart sorbet.  Best served "chilled"  and with sprig of mint. 


Pairs well with Seafood or Chicken. 


Party thought:  serve with Tea-Sandwiches or Canapes made with Chicken Salad, Yum!   





La Nostra Gazzosa, Sparkling, 9.3 oz. Bottle ,4 Pack Healthy Sodas

9.3 oz: Glass Bottle
  • This product is available to Food Service Providers, Clubs and Coffee Shops at Wholesale Costs. 

    Please call 972-689-7102 for Cost & Delivery Information. 

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