One of our rarest coffees.  We pre-book the beans 6 months in advance to ensure delivery.  Grown at over 6,500 feet, this coffee offers flavors of mango, berry, guava, citrus, papaya, peach, jasmine, and pineapple.


Once ready, the beans are "Masterfully Roasted in The First Premiere Laboratory Certified by The Coffee Association of America."


Rare, Rich, Smooth describe this fine 100% Colombian Coffee.  

Bahareque, Geisha, Cupping Score: 90

SKU: 0004
  • This will be unlike any coffee you've drank before. 

    Geisha is incredibly fickle and difficult to grow.   Due to its low yeilds we pre-book our Geisha 6 months in advance.  

    Geisha offers a huge range of floral notes, with a super soft body and a supersoft mouthfeel. 

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