This is one of the finest Coffees in our Award Winning Line Up. 


Recipient of the Monde Selection 2019 Gold Medal!  


This is the second Coffee in our offering to be awarded Gold by the International Taste Institute. 


This award winning Coffee is certified traceable not only to the farm but also the nano-lot.  La Finca is high grown and hand picked to ensure Award Winning Consistency. 


Once ready, La Finca is "Masterfully Roasted, on site in Colombia, in The First Laboratory Certified by The Coffee Association of America."  Once packaged it is flown direct to the U.S. for distribution.


The characteristics of La Finca include:  Buttery notes of lemon with a clean finish.


Medium Dark Roast.


Suggestion: after brewing, let the Coffee settle for 4 minutes, then enjoy!

Bahareque Estate Collection, La Finca, Cupping Score: 90

SKU: La Finca-12
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    La Finca is a blend of two rare single origins, Bourbon & Java.  This unique blend results in a Coffee that has a smooth buttery finish that doesn't linger. 

    This is one of the finest Coffees in our line-up. 

    Pairs well with: harvest fruits, lemon & berry tarts.  An exquisite Coffee for any occasion.


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