Toro comes from a region well know for its fertile soil making it renowned for growing grapes, fruits and coffee. 


Toro, Colombia was founded in 1537.   It is the birth-place to some of the largest Colombian cafes and home to some of the finest coffee beans produced in the world. 


Its in this region where Cafe' Bahareque, Specialty Origin Toro  comes from.  


Bahareque Coffees are a true "Farm to Table" product.  


All of our Coffees are certified traceable to the farm and nano-lot.  Our beans are high grown and hand picked to ensure the finest quality Coffee. 


When ready our Coffees are roasted "on site" in the "First" laboratory certified by The Coffee Association of America.  Once packaged they are flow direct to the U.S. for distribution.


The characteristics of Toro include:  citrusy fragrance and sweet tropical notes.  Medium acidity.  Medium Dark Roast. 


Suggestion: after brewing, let the Coffee settle for 4 minutes, then enjoy!

Bahareque, Origen-Toro, Cupping Score: 92

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    Fruity fragrance, citrus aroma and notes of caramel and tropical fruits such as pineapple and mango.  Citrus acidity and medium body makes this one of our favorites!

    Pairs well with Apple Strudel, Sweedish Princess Cake, N.Y. Style Cheese Cakes.  Toro is one of our favorite Coffees!