Origen Alcala is one of our most popular Single Origins.


A coffee from the heart of the coffee region.  Alcalá is a town located in the Valle del Cauca, Colombia. This fine edition, Cafe' Bahareque Specialty Origin Alcla', comes from this region. 


Alcala is  are a true "Farm to Table" Coffee.  


This beautiful Single Origin is certified traceable to the farm and nano-lot.  This Coffee is high grown and hand picked to ensure the finest quality Coffee. 


Once ready, Alcala is "Masterfully Roasted, On-Site in Colombia, in The First Laboratory Certified by The Coffee Association of America."  Once packaged Alcala is flow direct to the U.S. for distribution.


The characteristics of Alcala include:  Carmel fragrance and intense chocolate aroma.  Its a wonderful brew for Fall and Winter.  Nuts, sugar cane and cocoa notes punctuate this fine Coffee. 


Bright acidity and medium-high body.  Exceptionally smooth. 


Suggestion: after brewing, let the Coffee settle for 4 minutes, then enjoy!

Net weight 12oz.


Bahareque, Origen-ALCALA, Cupping Score: 92

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    This is our favorite Fall & Winter Coffee.

    Caramel fragrance, intense chocolate aroma, with notes of chocolate, herbs and nuts such as almonds and walnuts. 

    Bright acidity and medium high body. 

    Pairs well with Creme Brulee, Cannoli, Bread Puddings, Apple Dumplings and Pecan Pie. 

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