Lurisia Water, "One of the finest, lightest most pure waters on the planet."


Winner Bottle~Stille, Non Sparkling. 

Pricing is by the Case (6 Bottles) or $6.49 per. unit. 


Pini spring

Total hardness: °f 1.6 Sodium content: 0.8 mg/l Fixed residue a 180 °C: 32.0 mg/l pH at sample: 6.0


A Luxurious Glass Bottle compliments this exclusive water in the  best of the Made in Italy tradition:  our Award Winning Bottle is the creativity of celabrated designer, Ettore Sottsass, combined with the technical genius of Fratellii Guzzini made with Glass of Verallia.


Four excellent brands "Combined" to form a product of unique characteristics.


Our water is pure and light (with a fixed residue among the lowest in Europe) of the source of Pini. Originating from Mount Pigna, 1460 meters above sea level, in an uncontaminated environment and away from any possible source of pollution.


Perfectly colorless. Perfectly unscented. Perfectly balanced and neutral flavor due to the minimum quantity of minerals present.


Drunk on its own it is an excellent thirst-quencher and is suitable to accompany any caliber meal due to its neutral characteristics.

It doesn’t cover or change flavors but enhances them by leaving the palate clean.

Both the Stille and the Bolle are to be served in a transparent glass, preferably with a stem and no ice.


Temperature: 13/17 °C


Shipping Not Included

Award Winning Still Italian Water. 6 (.75 L) Glass Bottles/Case. $6.49 Per.

Award Winning Glass Bottle
  • Produt is packaged in even cases of 6 units

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