Frequently asked questions

How do I place an order?

Its easy. Call 1 (833) 827-8387. We can process your order over the phone. Or if you prefer, just click on Bahareque Coffee or the Tea Tab at the top, click on the item you're interested in and follow the prompts.

What makes Bahareque Coffee differant from other brands?

Several things:

  1. Location: Where the beans are grown. Environmental factors are key. All of our coffee beans are grown above 5,000 ft. Most coffees arent grown that high.
  2. Process: all of our beans come from small farms. Our smaller farm practices are more customized versus larger mass producting farms.
  3. Qualities: both the species of plant and the region where the beans are grown are represented in the end product.
  4. Reputation: Bahareque Coffees are independantly evaluated by an internatiional board of experts. It is the International Taste Institute that evaluates and certifies the quality of our finished product.

How fresh are Bahareque Coffees?

For a Coffee to be considered fresh, it must be packaged within ten days of roasting. Our Coffees arrive fresh in the U.S. We sell them direct. Our Coffees do not sit in warehouses for long periods of time

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