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Fig Mascarpone & Pistachio Tart

October 4th

     Bahareque Cafe' Premium and Fig Mascarpone and Pistachio Tart.  Fall harvest never tasted better.  

     Notes of caramel, chocolate and citrus in a perfectly balanced Award Winning Coffee


     Medium-Dark Roast, Medium Body and Bright. Cupping Score of 93.8! 

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"When you culminate a great meal with a unique Coffee, that glow of the dining experience continues right out the door"

Classic Swedish Princess Cake

October 3rd

    Bahareque Single Origin  Toro and Swedish Princess Cake.  

     Taste notes of citrus and sweet tropical fruits, with medium acidity pairs well with the berry and almond in this classic desert


     Medium-Dark Roast.  Exquisite.  Cupping Score 92.  

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Need a Coffee Pairing tip?  Let's visit.  Our hand harvested, 4th Wave Coffees will set your carte du jour apart from the masses. 

Gateau-a-la Ricotta

October 2nd

      Bahareque Honey Process and Gateau-a-la-Ricotta.  It tastes as good as it sounds!

     Naturally sweet and exotic notes of stone fruit and flowers with a pure, clean and bright acidity pair well with the creaminess of the Ricotta and Vanilla.

Medium-Dark Roast.  Cupping Score of 90.6

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My experience is 25 years in the Baking, Coffee & Tea Biz. 

Strawberry Shortbread

Sept. 24th

Bahareque Coffee from the La Finca Estate with Strawberry Shortbread is a delightful match.   


     La Finca is a Gold Medal recipient with a cupping score of 90.  The flavor profile is buttery with lemon, citrus and floral notes with a clean finish. 


     Medium-Dark Roast, Medium Body and Bright. Cupping Score of 90. 

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Don't allow your coffee to be a footnote at the bottom of your menu.  Customers boast about thoughtfully paired cuisine.   

Black Forrest Cherry Cake

Sept. 25th

     Bahareque single-origin El Cairo Coffee and Black Forest Cherry Cake.


     Floral and fruit aroma with chocolate, red berries and red wine notes.  Fruity acidity, medium silky body. 


     Medium-Dark Roast.  Exquisite.  Cupping Score 91.  

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"Your Coffee Should be as Memorable as your Deserts."  Wendy

Apple Strudel

Sept. 30th

     It's apple season.  Try pairing a delicious apple strudel with our single-origin Toro Coffee.  

     Taste notes include orange, lemon, and tangerine in a bright cup.

     Medium acidity and medium body.  Medium-Dark Roast.  Cupping Score of 92.  An exceptional Coffee Desert Combo!

Rose Petal Panna Cotta with Damson and L

How are you differentiating your business if you are serving the same Coffee as every other Restaurant?

Rose Petal Panna Cotta with Damson and Lavender Viennese Shortbread

August 15th

Delicate Rose Petal Panna Cotta with Damson and Lavender Viennese Shortbread and Bahareque Geisha.

Sweetness, clarity and sparkling notes of fruits and flowers delicately complement this pairing.

Cupping score 90

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We have over 200 Desert and Coffee Pairing Ideas just for you, Wendy

Classic Paris-Brest

August 25th

Bahareque Cafe Premium and classic Paris-Brest.


Perfectly balanced acidity and medium-bodied, medium-dark roast with hints of nuts, chocolate, and citrus are wonderful with almond choux and silky praline creme.

Cupping score 93.8


Tiramisu-d68a628 (1).jpg

All of our Coffees have cupping scores of 90+.  This is the truest mark of distinction for a GREAT Coffee.


Sept. 1st

Classic Tiramisu and double gold award-winning Bahareque Cafe Premium.


The delicate espresso-soaked ladyfingers and mascarpone cheese and cocoa go perfectly with our flagship coffee. Perfectly balanced and smooth from start to finish.


Medium body, medium acidity, medium-dark roast with notes of chocolate, citrus and sugarcane. Cupping score 93.8. 


Have a favorite, let's post it! Email me 


July 24th

     Bahareque Geisha coffee exhibits a subdued yet intensely floral and jasmine-like aroma and a distinct though delicate acidity, balanced and bright with shimmers of white wine and notes of berries, mango, papaya, and mandarin oranges.


     The long aftertaste/finish provides distinct bergamot-like notes that are a complement to this mixed berry 


      Cupping score 90

ChocolateCreamPie with Meringue.jpg

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Chocolate Cream Pie

July 26th

     Bahareque Single Origin El Aguila and Chocolate Cream Pie

     This single-origin coffee from the El Aguila region has a cupping score of 90.5. Taste notes are sugar cane, chocolate, orange, and tangerine.


     Exuberant acidity and medium body make this medium dark roast a perfect complement to the rich, creamy chocolate and crumb in this dessert.


Have a favorite, let's post it! Email me 

Suspiro de limeña

August 14th

     Foodies will die for this wonderful pair!
A classic Peruvian dessert, Suspiro de limeña (Sigh of a Lima Lady) and Bahareque single-origin Alcala.


     Notes of caramel, chocolate, nuts, and cocoa with bright acidity and medium-high body in a medium-dark roast are just complimentary enough to enhance the flavors of the dessert and bold enough to cut the sweetness for a memorable finish to any meal.

     Cupping score 92

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