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     Roughcreek Coffee & Tea Company is excited to offer you Bitaco Teas!


     Agrícola Himalaya S.A. has been in the tea production business for over 55 years.         


     We are the established Manufacturer in the Colombian market.  Currently you can find our teas in over 8 countries. 

     In 2013 we developed Bitaco®  a Unique Colombian loose leaf Tea that delivers signature  Colombian flavors. 


     We own our own tea gardens.  Additionally we also own the most modern high-tech factory in the americas.   


     We guarantee the entire tea process, from harvesting through delivery to the final customer.


     We ensure the quality of products within the organic production context of the NOP (USDA) regulations.


     We further ensure quality with the UTZ certified “Good Inside” label, providing our customers clean, pure, and natural teas with full traceability and supported by social and environmental accountability

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     The pristine, sustainable environment where Bitaco® teas are grown and harvested is know for  exceptionally rich soil and mineral content.   


     the tea plants are nourished by pure mountain waters.  This organic environment supports and environment which gives us exceptional organic teas.

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     Bitaco® Tea owns 51 hectares of tea plants nestled within the Andean fog forest ecosystem.


     We are surrounded by the Bitaco Regional Forest Reserve, where our tea garden coexists with a biological corridor that allows the conservation of spring waters and a wide diversity of flora and fauna: 256 bird species, 28 amphibian species, 23 reptile species, and 772 species of plants.