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Discover a Better

Coffee Experience!

"Hand Picked Colombian Coffees"




"Discover a Better Coffee Experience" 


  •  Cafe Premium: Recipient of the Prestigious Monde Selection World Quality Gold Medals in both 2018 & 2019 

  • Monde Selection: Comprised of International Michelin Starred Chefs and Gault & Millau Food Critics 

  • Independent Cupping Score:  93.8  (World Class)

  • La Finca: Awarded Gold in 2019 (Blend of  Rare Bourbon &  Java)

  • Roasted in the first laboratory "certified" by The Coffee Association of America

  • Available in Bulk for Wholesale Purchases

  • Multiple Coffees Available for Private Label

This is a great place to add a tagline.

“Lurisia drinks are made up of a few simple ingredients.  If you read the label the list is very short, clear and concise, there are no "strange" abbreviations, names of chemical compounds or asterisks."

"We choose the best raw materials to characterize our dinks and each is designed from a specific ingredient that makes it unique and enhances all  of its characteristics.  We use only real fruit &  raw cane sugar, healthier and good."

The Lurisia Waters: Pure, Healthy, Light, Perfect and Safe

Lurisia Mountain Top 2.jpeg

The Lurisia waters of both the Santa Barbara and the Pini spring are pure, healthy, light, perfect and safe. Pure because they come from the top of Monte Pigna – at 1416 meters. above sea level – from an uncontaminated environment, far from any possible source of pollution. Healthy because of Lurisia’s spa water and thanks to its natural qualities that make it good for living organisms. Due to the low sodium content they are healthy. They are light and the fixed residue content is amongst the lowest in Europe.They don’t weigh on the body or on the environment. Water that is so perfect that all we have to do is bottle it straight from the source just as it is. All we do is add a little natural carbon dioxide to make it fizzy. They are safe because they are tested several times a day in our laboratories.

2 Bottle Shot.png

One of the Lightest & Most Pure Waters 

in the World


     An elegant Glass Bottle compliments this exceptional water in the  best of the "Made in Italy" tradition. 


     The Award Winning  Bottle is the creativity of celebrated designer, Ettore Sottsass, combined with the technical genius of Fratellii Guzzini and bottled with Glass of Verallia.



Pini Spring

Total Hardness: f 1.6

Sodium Content: 0.8 mg/l

Fixed Residue a 180 C: 32 mg/l 

pH at sample: 6.0

Santa Barbara Spring

Total Hardness: f 1.1

Sodium Content: 2.6 mg/l

Fixed Residue at 180 C: 36 mg/l

pH at sample: 6.7

Available in Glass or PET.


PET Bottles ensure the purity of the water.  PET doesn't allow CO2 to escape or O2 to penetrate.  

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Santa Barbara Spring.jpg

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